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Joe's Bay

As we set out at a decent hour (“no more of these bullshit 4 AM departures” declared one member of the crew) with full tanks to explore the islands, there was a great breeze blowing just outside the protection of Bamfield Inlet.  We tacked back and forth to clear the tiny Wizard Islet and get into Imperial Eagle Channel.  Then we set a course for the northeast corner of the Broken Group around Swale Rock and Nettle Island, hoping to get into some protection from the wind and get some fishing in along the border of the islands.  All fishing within the Broken Group islands is strictly verboten as it is a rockfish conservation area.

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Sooke to Bamfield

Barkley Sound Trip Day 3, Sooke to Bamfield

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Victoria to Sooke

This is day two of the 2018 Barkley Sound trip.

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Trip to Barkley Sound Day 1

I'm breaking this trip report up into one post per day.  This first one has no photos as nothing photo-worthy happened on day 1, and in fact much of what happened that day is probably best forgotten.  More on that later.  If you stick with the subsequent posts, I promise eagles, whales, fish caught and fishing observations, anchoring mishaps and critical safety equipment failures, and even a tale of execution-style murder.  And many photos.

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