Daysails are typically about 3 hours.  Longer if we are going to stop for lunch or dinner somewhere.  Sometimes we go to the family beach house in Kingston for crabbing or just to hang out, and that is more of an all day trip.  I've wanted to do the dock and pizza in Suquamish thing, but have yet to do so.  We can also drop the anchor in a quiet bay and prepare a proper meal if that's on the agenda.

We also sometimes do casual races at Shilshole such as the Sloop Tavern "Take Your Time Fridays" series.  We're not a competitive finisher, but it is fun to work on our tacking speed and layline strategies.

Usually we just do big circles in front of Shilshole:  over to West Point, across to Bainbridge, back to Carkeek and repeat.

Sometimes we venture further south to Elliott Bay.

Your participation in working the boat is welcome but not wholly necessary, so don't sweat it.  Some participation in docking the boat at the end of the trip is required.  We want at least one person able to nimbly hop from the boat to the dock to secure a line at the end of the trip.

Things to bring:

There are plenty of life jackets on the boat.  I have child-sized life jackets in varying sizes too but they usually are not on board, so let me know if you need them.

The toilet or head on the boat is fully functional.  We try to avoid using it unnecessarily but we don't have any rules or shaming against using it.

When parking at Shilshole, park in the outermost row (closest to the street) of the parking lot where the spots are not marked as requiring permits.  There is a restroom open to the public at the port offices, and I can let you into the other restrooms with my key fob.