Let's Go Sailing

For an afternoon, an evening, a day, a weekend, or a longer adventure.  Let's go!

Sometimes I think I pester the same few people to go sailing over and over and they get tired of it.  I also suspect there are many days when you are thinking "It sure is a nice day today, it would be great to get out on the water but he's probably busy already".  I'm attempting to expand the pool of interested parties and give you a chance to affirm that you are interested in sailing, and what types of adventures you desire.

Who is welcome?  Anyone I've invited or is known to me!  And any friends or family you might want to bring along.

How it works:  

  1. Like or follow the Facebook page and/or follow Aeolus on Twitter
  2. Setup your notifications as you like so you will be alerted when there is an excursion announced
  3. Get in touch for any excursions of interest

I hear you asking "but what about the internet randos"?  We'll see how it works out.  Worst case, the Facebook and Twitter feeds go private and I need to whitelist or approve members.  Cross that bridge when we get to it.  If you happen to be a rando from the internet, please get in touch and make a connection as a first step.

More information on the following outings:

Daysails, Evenings, Casual Races

Weekend Overnights

Longer Cruises