This site exists primarily to help guests prepare for sailing on our boat, Aeolus.  Aeolus was a Greek god known as the keeper of winds.  As a name for a sailboat it beats the pants off of Phyllis Joann, the original name of our boat.

Aeolus is a 1984 Wauquiez Pretorien we've owned since 2008.

Which is to say that she is a 35 foot long fiberglass sloop, designed by Holman and Pye, built by les chantiers Wauquiez in Mouvaux, France.  Wauquiez is a boat builder reknowned for "over-building" skookum boats capable of sailing anywhere in the world.  

Aeolus is well equipped for trips of a month or more and comfortably sleeps up to five companionable humans.  More if they are small and friendly.  The cockpit seats six, and on a fair weather daysail we can get 10 to 12 on board considering seating on deck.

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Here are links to reviews of the Pretorien class from Cruising World, BoatUS, and Sailing Magazine.