Cockpit coaming fiberglass repairs

When I purchased Aeolus it had four separate jacks, fittings, and mounts on the port side inner cockpit coaming.  I used all of them at one time or another, but always found their placement problematic at best and their utility marginal. The Pretorien cockpit is already pretty tight, and it doesn't help to have one side burdened by all of these pokey bits jabbing you in your back right in the prime seating positions.

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2017 Summer Cruise Prequel

The family summer cruise this year is to Olympia, doing up the south sound.  That didn't seem like quite enough to me so I put the word out I was looking to do a 5 - 9 day cruise to the San Juan Islands.  I was fortunate and received a favorable response from a friend who put together the rest of the crew for the trip.  Several of them participated in last year's cruise to Princess Louisa Inlet, but they had never cruised in the San Juan Islands.  We set off on August 4 for a nine day trip with the following itinerary intended to make the most of a relatively short trip and several schedule constraints:

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You Can't Touch This: Stainless Lobster

As with every year, the weeks before the cruise are filled with boat projects that really should have been done in February.  Some day that will happen.

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